Animal Mutilations: Whodunit?

For the better part of going on towards five decades worth, there’s been a ongoing and gruesome phenomena seemingly clustered around the American mid-western regions (though Charles Fort collected similar cases from England in the 19th and early 20th Centuries) that involves what has been described as the mutilation of large herbivore wildlife such as bison, but more usually domesticated livestock like cattle, sheep and horses. Mutilation is not usually a word associated with natural processes like predation, rather deliberate acts for purposes other than taking down an animal as a natural food source. We’ll return to that unnatural bit later on down the track.These unfortunate victims usually have selected and nearly consistent bits and pieces of their body removed with near surgical precision. Most of the carcass is left behind, though the body is usually devoid of blood.Firstly, from the outset, there’s no denying the reality of the phenomena – ghosts and UFOs come and go like will-o’-the-wisps, but animal mutilations, like crop circles, stick around and are available for ongoing scrutiny and analysis, and both have some other common threads like clustering in geographical areas (crop circles tend to be associated with and clustered in SW England. Both are ongoing and both now number in the hundreds to thousands of individual cases. Further, there have been several (two) independent Federal inquiries into the phenomena, one by the FBI (1979), the other by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (AFT). Both studies produced conclusions that anomalies existed in some mutilation cases and that further studies were warranted. There have also been various State-level investigations as well as Senate hearings.The most obvious answer to the mutilation mystery is that all can be attributed to natural predators doing their thing. In fact professional veterinarians usually associated with university schools of veterinary medicine or science proclaim from their ivory towers that these are indeed the results of natural predation by known carnivores, all by studying the photographic evidence – god forbid they’d actually do any on-site fieldwork. However, they do admit that not all of the hundreds to thousands of mutilation cases fall into such neat little piles. All agree by now that all cases cannot be easily explained by wild cats like mountain lions and bobcats or those from the canine side of things like wolves and coyotes, and similar predators such as foxes and wild dogs.An obvious problem with the natural predation theory is the appearance of the phenomena in the mid-1960s (apart from still relatively recent England noted above). Prey and predators existed way before that as well as humans to report the cases.In contrast, the man-on-the-land, the farmers, rangers, hunters, wildlife field biologists and vets who work for government departments and other outdoors types who are quite familiar with viewing and inspecting your run of the mill animal predation tend to take a more opposite view – there’s nothing natural about these sorts of animal predations and the state the remains of the carcass are found in. This might appear to be a typical academic skeptic vs. eyewitness (I know what I saw) disagreements were it not for a few other unusual features.Firstly, you’d expect to see signs of a predator-prey struggle – the ground should have been scuffed up a bit; the vegetation slightly disturbed. That’s not what you find. You’d expect in many cases to observe the tracks of the predatory animal(s). You don’t tend to find tracks. Often there are not even tracks of the victim in the immediate vicinity as if the animal were dumped from above at the spot. Thirdly, if natural, you wouldn’t expect the ground/soil and surrounding vegetation in the immediate area of the kill to show any long-term lasting effects. Often the kill site can be identified way down the track by unusual changes in the condition of the soil and vegetation, usually for the worse.Further, natural predators tend to avoid or shy away from the mutilated carcass even though it’s an apparently easy meal. Ditto other livestock avoid the area as well. It’s like a no-go zone. Some post-mortem biochemical studies suggest that the victim in question was tranquilized prior to the mutilation. One of the anomalies often reported via laboratory studies of the carcass are unusual alterations in the amounts of vitamins, minerals and other associated biochemical compounds. The findings of tranquilizers and/or anomalies in the standard biochemistry of the victim, points more to a human or an otherworldly culprit. What about the human animal?Because the nature of the wounds often having the nature or hallmarks suggestive of surgery; well there’s another predator that needs to be considered, the human predator. Well that doesn’t really appear to wash either – again, no human footprints in the area prior to discovery; no tire tracks (and most of the kill sites are off the beaten track – a long walk to get to them). Further, to the best of my knowledge, no human(s) have ever been observed in the act, far less caught, tried and convicted. Further, no human(s) or cults (Satanic or otherwise) have claimed responsibility. In gun-toting America, especially rural America where rifles and shotguns probably outnumber their human owners, any other humans with animal mutilation on their depraved minds are really risking their hides – farmers seeing their livestock (and livelihoods) butchered are liable to shoot first and ask questions later!Further still, the nature of the incisions hasn’t been duplicated in the laboratory by lasers (an obvious human tool if humans were responsible) since there’s no signs of heat or cooking on the carcass incisions. Laboratory tests show that the time and effort to do the high precision cutting job using sharp steel implements is quite considerable. Hides are tough, unlike human skin. Further, no evidence beyond reasonable doubt (say by the FBI or the AFT) of any human or cultist activity was ever uncovered by any official investigationOf course there have been claims that the American government is actually responsible via clandestine or covert research into possible cattle-human transmitted diseases like ‘mad cow disease’ and scrapie, research via the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) with covering support from the armed forces via ‘black helicopters’. However, on balance, you’d think such work in the public interest wouldn’t have to be done undercover! Surely the American powers-that-be can buy livestock at random for testing; ditto hunt other wildlife for routine and ongoing testing in the open. Some conspiracy scenarios make sense – this one doesn’t.You can’t really pin this on some sort of unknown, undiscovered predator like the Chupacabra – an animal that would be in the providence of cryptozoologists since there have been no sightings of such potential critters in the area with the necessary ‘tools’ (teeth and jaws), and anyway no tracks, known animal or unknown animal.Since the phenomena exists and requires explanation and resolution, perhaps that leaves the otherworldly. Are aliens in UFOs responsible? While there have, on occasion been reports of unusual aerial objects in the relevant vicinity prior to mutilations, it would seem on the surface to be relatively absurd. Why would aliens want bits and pieces and the blood of large herbivores?Alien beings will, by definition, have alien minds, an alien psychology and alien motives – alien relative to us of course.There is however an obvious parallel with alien UFO abductions. Humans who claim to have been abducted by the ‘Greys’ also claim to have had tissue samples taken from them – biopsies – and often have the unexplained scares to ‘prove’ it, though to the skeptics that hardly constitutes real evidence, far less proof. Still, it’s another dot point suggesting that aliens, for whatever reason, just take tissue samples to monitor – what? Well, who knows? At least the humans aren’t sacrificed on the alien’s altar.Needless to say humans (biologists, vets, nurses, medical doctors & researchers) do tissue sample work all the time and sometimes it’s necessary to kill the subject under the knife first.Ultimately, to date, the only reasonable conclusion that can be reached is that there is no ‘smoking gun’ proof yet to identify beyond question whodunit, if indeed there is just a single whodunit.

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Guide to Buying Hi-Fi Micro and Mini Systems

When considering to buy a new micro or mini system, you needs to look for various aspects components. Given here is an outline that can help consumers make the right decision.What is a Hi-fi system?These audio units are designed in a manner that they allow individuals to listen to music at different places. There are several components that need to be purchased separately but it can also be bought as a complete packaged system. The three major components of a mini or micro stereo system are as follows:1. Audio source: The audio source could be anything from a CD player, radio device, and cassette player, to auxiliary port, iPod dock and turntable. Majority of systems have two or more of these sources.2. Amplifier: The function of the amplifier is to control the balance and the volume of sound.3. Speakers: Hi-fi systems generally have two speakers for producing stereo sound. With some extremely advanced systems, you will get up to seven speakers, creating the setup of a home theatre.What are the different types of Hi-fi systems?These stereo systems are available in two sizes: Micro and Mini• Hi-Fi Micro systems: These units are small and have a compact size suitable for office spaces or lounge rooms. Most often, they come with an AM/FM tuner, a CD player and an iPod dock in the latest ones. The speakers of a micro system will not be very powerful because their range is between 10 and 30 watts per channel.• Mini systems: These systems are larger and are suitable for bigger houses or public spaces. They come with a multiple-disc CD changer that has the ability to change between three to five CDs at a time. Speakers with this system are extremely powerful and they have a range of 30 to 100 watts per channel. Some mini systems have an unattached subwoofer to amplify bass reproduction.Commonly, Hi-fi Micro systems as well as Mini systems come with speakers. Audio sources will differ depending on the model you choose. The essential components of a system are dependent on your purpose of use and what you want the system to do.Hi-fi systems can playback music from several formats:1. CDs: Almost all systems have an in-built CD player that plays both CD-R and CD-RW format. Many latest systems can playback MP3 as well, making it possible for you to play music from CD’s containing files copied from your computer.2. Radio: Hi-fi systems commonly have an AM/FM tuner. Latest models have a DAB radio tuner making it possible for you to listen to digital radio broadcasts.3. iPod: An iPod docking station is included in some systems. Songs from your iPod can be played through the stereo speakers. You can also charge your iPod by keeping it docked.4. USB drive or MP3 player: Some systems have a USB input. These inputs allow you to connect your MP3 player or iPod for playback. Systems capable of MP3 playback are preferred these days, because they allow you to copy songs to a USB flash drive from your computer and then play them through the stereo system.What more should you look out for?• Output power – 20 watts is optimum for clear sound in a medium-sized room, while 100 watts is required for audible sound across a large house. When you buy a system, check if output mentioned is per channel, or total output.• DVD playback – An in built DVD player is ideal if you want to enjoy quality sound movies, without spending extensively on a home theatre system.• Radio pre-sets – Radio channels can be saved as pre-sets. You can switch from one channel to the other without having to tune the frequency again.

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Skycon Education

Skycon education is the leading website of India which provides students the e-platform for the development of students in various spheres of computer education.We herein provides students the opportunity to learn from the basic computer education to MS word,MS excel, MS outlook and additional lectures for english vocabulary to enhance their standard in english language.
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Getting Student Loans With Bad Credit: Some Factors to Think About

Securing funding is a key concern for college-goers, and one that can be a challenge. With no credit history, these loan applicants are given a bad credit status automatically. But the good news is that applying for student loans with bad credit scores, does not make the task any more difficult at all.The reason that students are given a low credit rating immediately is that lenders have no information to go on to justify a good credit status. But when seeking financial aid for either federal or private lenders, it is still possible to secure low interest rates on the deals – though some loans come at lower interest than others.Considering the right student loan option is important however, with the specific factors of each loan package having different advantages and disadvantages. But it is also important to know what factors should be known.Opting for Federal LoansThe favorite option amongst college-goers is definitely the federal financial aid that is available. Students can qualify fairly easily for the loan programs, and because credit ratings are ignored, it is easier to get approval for student loans with bad credit. However, there are more advantages than that.For a start, federal loans come at very low interest rates, something that private lenders are simply unable to match. What is more, these loans are specifically designed to address the needs of the borrower, so other aspects, like the repayment schedule are tailored to make repayment easier. This usually means that repayments are frozen until after graduation.The Stafford and Perkins programs are the most common loan options, with low interest and flexible repayments standard features. However, Stafford loans are student loans designed for those coming from high school, while Perkins loans are structured to provide help to students already in financial difficulty.The PLUS Loan OptionEven when the parents of students have excellent credit histories, federal funding is still available. The fact is that student loans with bad credit can be secured if the parents already have a high degree of debt to deal with, thereby threatening to place them in a difficult financial situation. The idea is the students are not withdrawn from school simply because of cost.For this reason, the PLUS loan is issued to the parents through the Department of Education to allow them to provide financial support to their college-going son or daughter. The Stafford and Perkins Loan programs are structured on the understanding that parents will provide some financial support. So, the low interest rates only relates to about 50% of the overall loan.The great advantage of the PLUS loan program is that parents no longer have to face the extra costs of sending their child to college. The pressure that a college-goer can add is lifted through this student loan option.Meeting Loan CriteriaQualifying for student loans with bad credit generally comes down to simply meeting the criteria set by the lender. With federal loans, this generally means establishing that there would be severe financial difficulty as a result of paying college fees. The ability to repay the loan is always essential, but it does depend on the particular loan program secured.For example, while low interest rates are certain from a Stafford loan, half the costs need to be covered by the parents too. And financial difficulty must be proved to get a Perkins loan. Whatever the intention, be sure to visit the financial aid office on campus, and check out the options, conditions and criteria to the different student loans.

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Franchise Finance in Canada – Financing Your Canadian Business Purchase

Franchise Finance in Canada calls for both you as the owner, as well a lender, to, on a combined basis, complete the financing you need for a franchise acquisition. In Canada you could of course be acquiring a new turn key franchise from a U.S. or Canadian franchisor, or in many cases also considering the purchase of an existing franchise.Several key questions are always table by our clients – inevitably they are:-How much do I have to put into the business as my own investment?-Where do the other funds come from?And, oh yes, how long does the process take!We always encourage clients to start thinking of financing very early in the process. A great place to start is often, guess who? Your franchisor! That is simply because if they have a multi unit system already in place they usually have a strong indication of how these franchises were financed. Information you obtain from the franchisor or other existing franchisees is invaluable, as the franchise financing journey is a puzzle to many.We also are quick to add that you should never expect financing assistance from a franchisor in the form of loans, etc – The franchisor grows their business from selling you franchises, not loaning you money.In the U.S. the majority of franchises are financed via the SBA, which stands for Small Business Administration. This is a government sponsored / funded loan, and Canada has a similar program that is commonly known by several different names – they are SBL, CSBFL, and BIL. All of these are acronyms for the same program.You should most certainly incorporate your business to both gain access to business credit as well as limit personal liability. Personal liability under the Canadian version of the program is limited to only 25% – that’s a great deal for the business owner, as it of course limits your risk.Most franchises in Canada are financed via this program. Sounds good so far right. We simply point out to clients that achieving success in this financing program is simply a case of:- ensuring you understand the basics of the program – i.e. what it does not do- complying with the information required by the programWhen planning your franchise financing focus on what amount you can contribute personally to the business, and also understanding the components of financing you need. What are those components? They are:- Soft costs ( example – franchisee fees, pre paid rent, etc )- Equipment- Leaseholds ( if required )- Working capitalWe can’t over emphasize the need to work with an experienced and credible business financing advisor who preferably has a track record of franchise financing success. A thorough business plan, the right advice, and understanding you’re financing needs – all are critical elements to franchise financing success!

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